Hello World!... For the second time.

After five years of sporadic posting, I decided I want to stop using a static site generator and try something "done" with a little bit more features.
After some reading and trying I stopped at Ghost. It's easy, and it has exactly as many features as I need for blogging.

The new blogging software should help me write more often, but also I want to improve my skills in English, and the best way to do it is by practicing it. That's why I decided to drop my blog in Bulgarian and start this one in English. You can still find my old blog on GitHub, but I won't maintain it.

Besides the new blogging platform and the language of the blog, everything else will be the same. I will write about software development, personal thoughts, politics, and everything else I'm interested. I won't moderate comments unless it's necessary.

That's all for now. Every feedback will be highly appreciated, so please comment freely.